Professional Standards

The Office of Professional Standards of the Cedar Grove Police Department maintains the responsibility to preserve the integrity of our department.  It is also responsible for ensuring that the department meets the highest level of professional conduct so we may serve at a level of proficiency that our community can be proud of.

To further this goal the Attorney General of New Jersey has issued the following two directives in which all police departments within the state must adhere to. Early Warning System, Directive No. 2018-3 and Drug Testing Policy, Directive No. 2018-5.  Please see the links below for the current Attorney General Directives as well as the Cedar Grove Police Department General Orders.

Accepting Reports Alleging Officer Misconduct

All complaints of officer misconduct will be accepted from all persons who wish to file a complaint regardless of the hour or the day of the week.  This includes anonymous sources, third party, juveniles, and persons under arrest or in custody.

Det. Lt Robert McDermott (973) 239-4100 Ext. 258

Annual Report of Internal Affairs Complaints

The Cedar Grove Police Department has had no major discipline to report for the calendar year 2023. Major discipline includes a suspension of five days or more, demotion or termination of an officer. Click the link below for the total number of internal affairs complaints as well as the violation description and disposition.