On October 4th Patrolman Joseph Ligas was flagged down by the manager of the PNC Bank located at 85 Pompton Avenue to report a fraud in progress. The manager pointed out an individual who was attempting to withdraw over $65,000. Ptl. Ligas detained the suspect and began an investigation. The investigation revealed that the suspect had previously opened an account and deposited a U.S. Treasury check in the amount of $146,971.62. This check had been flagged by the bank as possibly fraudulent. The suspect was now attempting to withdraw a portion of the funds using a United States Passport Card for identification. It was determined that the suspect, later identified as Thomas DeRosa, a 52-year-old male from New York, NY, was using a fraudulent passport and had assumed a fake identity. He was also wanted in Texas and New York for committing similar offenses. He was charged with multiple counts of fraud, attempted theft, forgery, and possession of false government documents. He was transported to the Essex County Jail on local charges and will face extradition to New York and Texas.