Car Burglary and Police Pursuit

On June 1st 2021 at 02:31 am a Timber Rock Court resident reported two suspicious persons in his driveway near his vehicle. The caller feels that the subjects noticed him watching and fled. They were last seen entering a black Mercedes SUV. Officers flooded the area searching for the suspect vehicle. They were located on foot running from an Eileen Drive driveway, then fled into the Mercedes. Officers pursued the Mercedes down Vincent Road onto Route 23 South. Once on Route 23 the suspect vehicle accelerated to speeds well over 100 mile per hour. Due to the risk and the distance between the suspect vehicle and the patrol units becoming too great, the pursuit was terminated. 

Subsequent, checks at the Eileen Drive residence revealed that the unlocked parked vehicle had been searched through looking for keys or a key fob. Nothing was reported missing at this time. The alert resident and the quick reporting clearly thwarted the ongoing criminal activities of the suspects in Cedar Grove. The burglaries and thefts are an ongoing regional issue and are not exclusive to the Township. These activities can be significantly reduced by eliminating the opportunity. Once again “Please lock and remove the keys and valuables from your vehicles”. Extra patrols have been assigned to the Park Ridge Estate Development. If you should observe suspicious activity or a crime, contact police immediately. It is not safe to investigate, follow or go looking for the actors on your own. This matter is an open investigation.

  Chief J. Cirasa