Body Worn Camera Roll Out

The Cedar Grove Police Department has concluded the pilot program and has gone live with the use of body worn cameras throughout the department.  In addition to having in-car video, officers will be wearing the Safe Fleet Mobile Vision BWX-100 Camera.  This camera functions as an audio and video recording device and could also be utilized as a still camera for photographic purposes.  A red LED (shown in picture above) indicates when the camera is recording.

These cameras will be worn by uniform officers on either their outer vest carrier or uniform shirt relatively close to the center of the chest.  All non-uniform officers can wear either center of the chest or on their waist.

We are excited to add this technology to our department.  Body cameras will enhance officer’s testimony with the added layer of audio and video recordings.  Additionally this equipment will allow administrators the ability to review officer’s conduct while performing their day-to-day operations increasing accountability and transparency.