Car Theft and Car Burglary Reported

On May 14th at 10:25 pm a Cedar Grove Parkway resident reported their 2019 Jeep was stolen from their driveway between the hours of 8:30 pm and the time of report. The vehicle was subsequently recovered in Newark on May 15th. Additionally a Beech Street resident discovered their vehicle had been burglarized overnight in their driveway. The resident’s security camera captured video of three unknown suspects pulling on vehicle door handles in the neighborhood. One subject is seen entering a car and searching through the vehicle. Nothing appears to be missing from the vehicle at this time. At this point, we do not have proof that the incidents are related. An image of the burglary scene is provided in an attempt to obtain additional information and identification. Please lock and remove the keys and valuables from your vehicles.

Remember if you should observe suspicious activity or a crime, contact police immediately. Do not investigate or go looking for the actors on your own. This delays notification to the police who may be around the corner.