Chief's Challenge

Cedar Grove and Verona Police Chief's Challenge

Are you ready for Friday Night Football? Cedar Grove Police Chief Joseph Cirasa and Verona Police Chief Christopher Kiernan, who have been colleagues for many years as they ascended through the ranks of their respective departments, have entered into a friendly wager for charity as Verona Hillbillies take on the Cedar Grove Panthers this Friday Night at 7pm in Cedar Grove. 
Born out of geographical boundaries, spirited local competition is nothing new to these lifelong residents of neighboring towns. The Police Chiefs are hoping to rally their local fan base behind local charities in the spirit of competition. In addition to football, the boy's soccer teams and girls volleyball team will collide in matches this week as well. Both towns have a rich history of tremendous student athletes and support for academic and athletic programs. 
Cedar Grove Chief Cirasa has requested donations to benefit the educational fund for the children of Cedar Grove Resident Allison Walton who recently passed away after a courageous battle with breast cancer. Residents can drop off checks made payable to "Walton Children Education Fund" in a sealed envelope at the Cedar Grove Police Desk 24 hours a day thru Saturday. 
Verona Chief Kiernan has requested donations be made to Verona fights hunger week which is an annual appeal from the Verona Junior Women's Club. Donations of non-perishable food items can be dropped off at Verona Police Desk 24 hours a day thru Saturday. 
In addition to supporting these charity organizations, both Chiefs have agreed to a friendly reward to each departments members at a designated local restaurant.""