Cedar Grove Night Out

On Tuesday, August 6th the Cedar Grove Police Department in conjunction with the Municipal Alliance hosted the 2019 Cedar Grove Night Out Event in Community Park.  Once again the event was a huge success. There was great weather and lots of fun. It would not have been possible without the help and support of the many different groups and individuals that participated. We would like to thank the following:  The Cedar Grove Township Manager, the Township Council, the Recreation Department, the Department of Public Works, our Rescue Squad and Fire Departments, West Caldwell Fire Department, New Jersey State Police, Essex County Sheriff Dept., Mountainside Hospital-Atlantic Paramedics and the Atlantic Corporation, the Cedar Grove Elks, the Knights of Columbus of Verona & Cedar Grove, Copper Gear and Designs LLC, Liberty Coca-Cola Products, Nicholas Markets Super Foodtown, Kings of Verona, Arctic Falls, David’s Cookies, Florham Park AAA, Rainbow Catering, Horizon Entertainment and Attractions Inc., Mountainside Stables and the Pony Express, The Mad Hatters LLC, Rare Steak House, Master Cho’s Talium, P.F.G. Food Service of Elizabeth, Sabrett’s, Nathan’s, Golds and Gulden’s, Cedar Grove Public Library, Cedar Grove UNICO, Esposito’s Pizza & Deli for the zeppolies, il Tulipano for the hamburgers, Two Guys Tee’s, the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi foundation USA, Alpine Entertainment, Scouts USA Girl Troop,  Kiwanis, J & J Snacks, and Jacqueline Wolfstirn of Sinful Sweets.
          We would also like to thank the many residents that came out for CGNO, helping to make it a great success and a true ‘Community Event‘.
Finally, I would like to give a special thanks to our Cedar Grove Night Out Coordinator Officer Carolyn Zajack for her hard work in bringing the event together along with the women and men of the Cedar Grove Police Department.  An event such as Cedar Grove Night Out demonstrates what a dedicated group of men and women we have serving the residents of Cedar Grove.   
                                                                                    Joseph Cirasa
                                                                                    Chief of Police