Suspicious vehicle leads to officer being assaulted

A suspicious vehicle investigation leads to officer being assaulted. The incident began on July 19th 2019 at 3:25 PM when a Park Ridge Estates Resident reported a suspicious vehicle in the area of Eileen Drive. Officer Rivers quickly located the vehicle which was occupied and improperly parked on Jennie Court. Officer Rivers advised the two vehicle occupants of the reason for his inquiry. The operator, later identified as Khalil Cale a 20 year old male out of East Orange, stated that he liked looking at the houses. Officer Rivers explained to him that, that was fine, however Officer Rivers questioned the validity of vehicle inspection decal. While speaking with the operator Officer Rivers had noted that the vehicle inspection decal was fraudulent. A fact that he confirmed though the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission records. The operator became agitated and increasingly irrational. Lt. John Kennedy arrived on scene to assist. The officers could not de-escalate the situation. Mr. Cale would not return to his vehicle. He refused to follow all direction. He remained in the roadway and now began verbally threatening the officers. He continued to interfere and his irrational behavior escalated further when he started slapping at Lt. Kennedy defensively raised arms. When he was told he was under arrest, Mr. Cale ran from the officers. He was taken into custody a short distance away. He was arrested for, resisting arrest, obstruction the administration of law, and aggravated assault on a police officer. He was transported to headquarters without further incident. Essex County Prosecutors Office authorized disorderly person charges and Mr. Cale was released with a municipal court date. The vehicle passenger, a female, was released at the scene and vehicle was impounded. No injuries were reported.