Press Release-Crime Spree Suspect Charged

""On Thursday, March 7, 2019, Detective Carolyn Lynch charged a 32 year old adult male, Andres Quintero-Medoza, out of East Elmhurst NY, with burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary and theft. The charges are the result of a month long multi-state, multi-jurisdictional investigation. The investigation began on February 4th 2019 when the suspect committed a midday motor vehicle burglary and theft in the parking lot of a local business 501 Little Falls Road in Cedar Grove. Proceeds of the theft were $2,400.00 in cash taken from the vehicle. Responding officers discovered that a suspect vehicle, a silver Jeep Cherokee, was captured on video leaving the scene. Detective Lynch was assigned to the case. She discovered that the victim had actually been followed from the bank to the parking lot. She was able to locate additional surveillance video from the bank and surrounding area leading to the eventual identification of the vehicle and suspect. Further investigation revealed that the Medoza had been involved in a spree of similar incidents. Where he and an accomplice followed unsuspecting victims from banks and high end stores waiting for the opportunity to burglarize their cars. Det. Lynch shared information and worked with Rochelle Park, Livingston, and Nassau County N.Y. Police Departments. On February 27th 2019 Nassau County arrested Medoza. Det Lynch with the assistance of the Essex County Prosecutors Office charged Medoza. A detainer was placed on him and an extradition application is pending. Additional charges from the various jurisdiction are reputably being filed.  All persons charged are presumed innocent until proven guilty. “I commend Det. Carolyn Lynch for her tenacious, and thorough investigatory prowess”

Chief J. Cirasa.
The Cedar Grove Police Department requests that the public report all suspicious activity observed, as it occurs.  The police department telephone number is 973-239-4100 and in case of emergency 9-1-1.  All reports are investigated and all assistance is appreciated.