Suspicious Incident Community Park

The following is a brief summary of a suspicious event occurring while children played soccer last night in Community Park. On September 24, 2018 at 5:44 PM Cedar Grove Police responded to Community Park on the report of an unknown adult male videoing children playing soccer.  An alert parent sensed that the adult male had no connection to event or children. When confronted by the parent the subject abruptly left the park. Officers responding to the call located the subject nearby and questioned him as to his activities. The video was viewed by police. The video, on its face, was not nefarious. It is however unusual to do so without consent or an association to the event or participates. The video consisted of distant shots accompanied by sports like commentary. All checks were negative. The video was deleted, the subject was cautioned, and the matter will be followed up, to the fullest extent possible.  I am grateful that the parent was alert and called police. Do use caution when involved in matters such as this. Suspicious persons or activity should be reported immediately via 911. Do not delay.

Chief Joseph Cirasa
Cedar Grove Police Department