No Swimming enforcement "Devils Hole" Community Park

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June 19, 2018                                                                                                         
Cedar Grove, NJ – As a result of the new ordinance that prohibits swimming, wading or bathing in public recreation area waters and waterways, the Cedar Grove Police department has stepped up the enforcement of no swimming in the area of Community Park known as “Devils Hole”. It is a deep ravine in the Peckman River that has become an attractive nuisance resulting in large gatherings of young adults who swim and wade in the water. The area is extremely hazardous with dangerous rock ledges leading up to the water’s edge. In 2014 a person drowned while swimming in the water. The area has been posted with signage at multiple entry points stating that swimming, wading, or bathing in the waters is prohibited. Officers are making frequent patrols of the area and are issuing summonses to those in violation of the ordinance.