Press Release-Concerning Comment

Cedar Grove Police Department
Press Release
Concerning Comment Investigation

Date:  March, 20th 2018 
The investigation into the alleged concerning comment made by a Cedar Grove Middle School Student reported on February 26th 2018 has concluded. The utterance of the comment could not be substantiated and probable cause could not be established to file a charge. The investigation did not reveal any culpable conduct, circumstance or omission by any person that was substantive to a threat or otherwise to the school students or staff. The investigation was conducted with the assistance of Essex County Prosecutors Office. It was thorough, it included several consent searches and the execution of a communications data warrant. All the involved parties fully cooperated with investigators to bring the investigation to its conclusion. I would like to thank our residents for their patience, our student body for continued restraint and sound judgment utilizing social media. It is of great importance that any concern regarding the safety of the school be brought to our attention immediately and investigated carefully. “If you see or hear something, say something”. The Cedar Grove Police Department take these matters seriously and will continue to work closely with the board of education and school district administrators’ to maintain the school environment while keeping the schools safe to the best of our abilities.
                                                                                                                        Chief J. Cirasa