Diversion Type Burglaries

Just as a reminder, the Cedar Grove Police urge residents to remain vigilant for any suspicious activity, specifically activities related to diversionary type burglaries. Diversionary Type Burglaries are those were one actor distracts your attention while another ransacks your house. In March 2017, a Second Avenue resident was the victim of just such a burglary where jewelry was taken. Recently in August we suspect a Stevens Avenue resident was the victim of a Diversionary Burglary when an unexpected individual, alleging to be a township utility employee, was given access to the home by the unsuspecting elderly resident. The worker was supposedly there checking on a water condition inside the home. In this case a safe was taken containing a large amount of cash. We also believe there was an attempt later that month on Center Avenue however the resident denied the subject access and called police. Subsequently the unknown suspicious persons became nervous and fled prior to the arrival of police. Several surrounding communities have also experienced a number of these type incidents. Residents should be skeptical when they are summoned to the door by unexpected persons, especially if they are requesting access to their residence. Ask for identification, look for marked utility vehicles or call the township to confirm workers. Generally, Cedar Grove Township Utility workers need not access your home without appointment and seldom if ever after business hours. Do not allow unscheduled or unexpected workers into your home. If there is any doubt call police immediately.