Press Release-Stolen Motor Vehicle, Thefts from Autos

Press Release – Stolen Motor Vehicle, Thefts from Autos

During the early morning hours on June 19, 2017 there were six vehicle burglaries and one stolen motor vehicle. Surveillance video captured by the homeowner at one of the burglaries showed an unidentifiable subject going through both of the vehicles parked in his driveway. The stolen vehicle, a BMW, was later recovered by our detectives in Newark and returned to the owner.
The actors are specifically targeting high end vehicles such as Cadillac, BMW and Mercedes Benz. They are looking for a vehicles containing key fobs left behind by the owner. This allows them to start the vehicle and drive away. During this same weekend surrounding towns experienced a rash of car burglaries and thefts. Residents are encouraged to remove valuables from their vehicles, remove the key fob from their vehicles and lock the doors.