Press Release-Diversion Burglary

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March 28, 2017                                                                               
Cedar Grove, NJ – Police responded to a Second Avenue address to investigate a diversion burglary where the victim’s attention is diverted by one actor and a second actor commits the theft. An elderly resident reported that two Hispanic males wearing yellow work vests came to her residence. One waited near the curb holding a tool bag and one engaged her in conversation at the door. The male at the door told the victim that he needed to check her electrical service as a result of work being done on service lines in the area. He convinced her to bring him to the basement electrical panel. While in the basement she heard footsteps upstairs. She later discovered that someone had gone through the drawers in her bedroom and that jewelry had been taken.
Residents should use caution when they are approached by persons claiming to be utility workers requesting access to their residence. They should ask for proper identification and look for a utility vehicle with official markings. When in doubt do not let them access the home and report the incident to the police department.