Press Release – Bank of America ATM


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February 14, 2017 
Cedar Grove, NJ – Police responded to a report from a Bank of America employee that someone had tampered with the ATM. While opening the bank on Monday, February 13th, the employee discovered that someone had smeared Vaseline over the security camera on the lobby ATM. Officers contacted bank security personnel who confirmed that security video captured a male actor entering the lobby on February 12, 2017 at 4:46 p.m. The actor applied a Vaseline type substance over the camera lens to obscure the video recording. The actor, with his actions obscured, accessed the ATM to make cash withdrawals. The ATM was inspected and no skimming device was found. Investigators believe that the male actor was using cloned debit cards to remove cash and that the actual skimming took place at a different location. The incident remains under investigation.


Skimmers are card readers that remove the data off the encoded magnetic strip on the customers ATM card. Criminals use a pinhole camera or an overlay on the existing keyboard to capture the victims PIN number. This information is then used to create a cloned card that is used to access the victims account. Customers should look for any loose parts around the card reader and ensure that the keyboard is securely attached. A good practice is to always cover your hand while entering your PIN number.