ATM Fraud

Cedar Grove Police Department Offers Tips on
Protecting Yourself from ATM Fraud
March 3, 2016
          In response to four recent reports of credit card fraud, possibly involving skimming devices and cameras installed on area ATM machines, the Cedar Grove Police Department is offering the following tips to help avoid becoming a victim of ATM fraud:
1.     When using an ATM machine, be alert for suspicious devices;
2.     Check the ATM machine for parts that look crooked or are loose;
3.     Look for parts with mismatched colors;
4.     Look for parts partially covering machine instructions or other stickers;
5.     Since hidden cameras are often used in tandem with skimming devices to capture the victim’s PIN number, the user should conceal the ATM machine key pad with his/her free hand to prevent the camera from recording the number.
6.     Pay close attention to your bank statements or balance.  Check often for any unauthorized activity;
7.     Contact bank or store personnel or the police if you suspect the ATM machine you are using has been tampered with.
If you think you have been a victim of an ATM involved credit card fraud, please contact the Cedar Grove Police Department if you are a resident, or your local police department for assistance.