Deer Advisory to Motorists

Cedar Grove Police Department Issues Deer Advisory to Motorists

            In response to four additional deer involved motor vehicle crashes in the past week, the Cedar Grove Police Department is offering motorists the following tips to help avoid being involved a deer related crash:
Be aware that the period between October and December is deer migration and mating seasons.  This results in a dramatic increase in deer activity and movement.
Be aware that deer are unpredictable, especially when faced with glaring headlights and fast moving vehicles.  Deer will often dart into the roadway.
Be aware that deer often move in groups.  If you see one, there are likely to be more in the vicinity.
Drive with extra caution when operating through wooded areas and areas known to have a large deer population, especially between dusk and dawn.
Decrease your speed when operating in an area known to have a large deer population.
When driving at night in an area known to have deer, use your high beam headlights when there are no other vehicles in the area.  The high beams will better illuminate the eyes of any deer on or near the roadway.
If you see a deer in your path, brake firmly but stay in your lane.  Many serious crashes have occurred when motorists swerve to avoid a deer and hit another car or lose control of the vehicle. 
Always wear your seatbelt
In the event your vehicle strikes a deer, avoid going near or touching the animal.  A wounded deer can hurt you or further injure itself.  If the deer is still in the roadway and poses a danger to other motorists, call 9-1-1 for police assistance.