Bicycle Safety Press Release

Thanks to all who attended our 2014 Bicycle Safety Event this past Saturday morning.  During the event, our officers conducted safety inspections for the twenty five children who attended with bicycles and provided new bicycle helmets to twenty children.  Following the inspections, the children were able to ride on a course that simulated stop intersections, turns and balancing skills. This was the second year we held this safety event and we look forward to continuing and growing the event as we go forward and encourage more of our residents to participate next year.  Specials thanks go out to Mr. Ron Esposito of AAA / Florham Park for providing the bicycle helmets and Arctic Falls for donating bottled water for the event and of course to Traffic Safety Officer Sgt. Frank Pumphrey, DARE Officer Carolyn Zajack, Motor Officer Michael Grasso and Det. Michael Tower for organizing and staffing the event. 
Chief Richard Vanderstreet
Cedar Grove Police Department""""""""""