Press Release

DATE:  July 13, 2012
Cedar Grove Police Investigate Diversion Style Burglary 
On Thursday, July 12th. at 9:19 p.m., a Township woman reported that she had been the victim of a diversion style home burglary.  The 84 year-old victim reported that at 4:15 p.m. that afternoon, two white males in a grey pick-up pulled up to her home and asked her if they could do work on her driveway.  The victim informed the men that she did not need any work done and walked down her driveway with one of the men walking alongside her.  The man continued to talk to the victim and asked if she needed work done in her backyard.  The victim again declined and asked the man to leave.  At this time, the second subject entered the yard and stated to the first man that they had all they needed and could leave.  At that time the two men left the area.  The victim subsequently discovered that jewelry boxes in her bedroom were out of place and numerous items of jewelry were missing.  It is believed that the second subject entered the victim’s home and stole the jewelry while the first subject was distracting the victim in the backyard.  The victim reported that the suspects were in their late twenties, wearing work clothes and appeared dirty.  One of the men was missing teeth.  Any person having additional information is asked to contact detectives at 973-239-4100.  *  Residents are warned to be suspicious of contractors going door-to-door offering to do work.  Local ordinance requires that any such solicitor be licensed by the Township so that proper checks can be made of background and references.  Always ask to see a Township issued solicitors license and always be wary about strangers who come to your home unsolicited.  If you are unsure what to do, please contact the police department at 973-239-4100.