Press Release

DATE:  May 23, 2012 
Little Falls Man Charged in Connection with
Motor Vehicle Burglaries in Cedar Grove & Little Falls    
          A Little Falls man, identified as 32 year-old Todd E. Parrett, has been identified as the suspect responsible for a number of motor vehicle burglaries that occurred along the Cedar Grove, Little Falls border during the early morning hours of May 15, 2012.  It was during that morning that a number of victims, including one from Bergen Drive in Cedar Grove, reported that parked vehicles had been rummaged through and items such as cash and jewelry had been stolen.  Police were able to identify Parrett as the burglary suspect after a Little Falls Police Officer spotted him walking in Little Falls on May 22nd. and observed that his appearance was similar to the images of the suspect captured by surveillance video provided by one of the Little Falls victims.  Following a field interview with Parrett, the officer developed the probable cause necessary to arrest him in connection with the vehicle burglaries.  Cedar Grove Police processed the defendant on charges of burglary and theft and released him to the custody of the Little Falls Police where he was charged with additional offenses relating to the investigation.  Det. Scott Scherer, Det. Michael Tower and D/Sgt. John Kennedy were the investigating Cedar Grove officers.