Press Release

DATE:  April 16, 2012 
Essex County P.B.A. Conference Honors Cedar Grove Police Officers
For Their Efforts in Arrest of Cargo Theft Crew 
Several Cedar Grove Officers were among the honorees at the 30th. Annual Essex County P.B.A. Conference Valor Awards Ceremony held on Sunday, April 15, 2012 at il Tulipano in Cedar Grove.  The Cedar Grove Officers were recognized for their efforts in a special operation that resulted in the arrest of an organized group of criminals caught in the act of burglarizing a Cliffside Drive Factory on January 15, 2011.  The arrest of the five criminals involved in an East Coast Cargo Theft Crew followed a sting operation performed with the assistance of the New Jersey State Police Cargo Theft Unit.  After receiving information that the criminals were targeting the Cedar Grove location, the officers secreted themselves both inside and out of the building on surveillance.  The Cargo Theft Crew later arrived, forcibly entered the building, and was in the process of loading $500,000.00 worth of merchandise into two stolen trucks when officers sprung into action and arrested them.  The honored officers were D/Sgt. John Kennedy, Lt. Joseph Cirasa, Lt. Michael Orsulak, Lt. Erik Hansson, Sgt. Frank Pumphrey, Sgt. Eileen O’Toole, Ptl. Michael Grasso, Ptl. Jose Rodriguez, Det. Michael Tower and Chief Richard Vanderstreet.